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SuperSprings Anti-sway Suspension Stabilisers are patented tapered blades and anti-friction shackles that work to protect the full length of your vehicle’s suspension. The result is that this provides the ultimate ride stability, regardless of weight or load distribution on the vehicle. The technology was designed and developed in the US but manufacturing is done locally.

SuperSprings is the ultimate solution to your load and towing needs. It is fitted on Bakkies, 4X4s and SUVs for recreational and commercial application to give them that added lift for a level and smooth ride, loaded or unloaded.


SuperSprings, unlike other products available in the market, is the only product that works to protect the full length of your suspension, not
just the back half, which often results in an overworked front half
and a sagging rear end.

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how it works

SuperSprings are a self-adjusting suspension stabiliser that progressively works on an as needed basis.
Once installed, SuperSprings are under nominal tension even when the vehicle is not loaded.

This is for two reasons:

» To eliminate the noise or rattle from the installed SuperSprings.
» To allow the patented anti-friction rollers to activate automatically.

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